At Al-Faruq Schools , the curriculum offered is based on the integration of the Nigeria National Curriculum and the English National Curriculum with reference made to the indigenous learning experiences. The schools approach to education creates a solid base for future development through a culture of independent learning that challenges students to accept greater responsibility for their learning


At AL-Faruq Senior School, we ensure all students follow a broad study programme, carefully designed to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum of Nigeria and the West Africa Examination Council. In line with the new national curriculum, the school prepares and presents students for S.S.CE(WAEC & NECO) from four departments i.e(Science & Maths, Technology, Business and Humanity). The following subjects are offered in the school: Mathematics, English Language, Civic Education, Entrepreneurship Subjects, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Further Maths, Agric Science, ICT, Tech Drawing, Wood Works, Electronics, Building Construction, Home Mgt, Food & Nutrition, Basic Electricity, Accounting, Commerce, Insurance, Store Management, Office Practices, Yoruba, I.R.S, Geograpgy, Government and Economics.


It is a three year program running from Year 7 – 9. At this stage students are introduced to a variety of subjects ranging from the Arts, Humanities, Languages and Sciences. However, in the last year of the key Stage which is Year 9, the students sit for the Basic Education Certification Examination. The school runs both National and Lagos State curriculum. Students are to offer minimum of 13 subjects and maximum of 15. The subjects available at the Senior level are Mathematics, English Language, Basic Science, Basic Technology, Social studies, Civil Education, Yoruba Language, French, Arabic, Fine Art, Home Economics, Hifz-ul – Quran, Computer Science, Business Studies, P..H.E.


AL-Faruq Junior School offers a broad and balanced curriculum based on the integration of Nigeria National Curriculum and the National Curriculum of England. All our teachers are highly qualified and have an excellent knowledge of the British Education System. Subjects taught include : English, Mathematics, Mental Mathematics, Information and Communication Technology, Physical Education, Science, Abacus, Art and Design , Islamic Religious Education, Arabic Language, Personal Development, Social Studies, Phonics, Health Education and French (From Years 1 to 6)


The Pre-School programme is adapted from the curriculum guide for the United Kingdom Foundation Stage. Learning and assessment is organised into six main areas of learning which include : Communication, language and literacy, Mathematical development, Knowledge and understanding of the world, Physical and Creative development.At this level, the fundamental needs of the young children and the development of their basic skills i.e Literacy and numeracy skills are the focus of the school. All subjects at this level are Montessori based. Subjects offered include Number Concepts, Letter Concepts, language development skills, and reflective skills