Admission into pre-primary, primary and secondary is open to all students both indigenous and international who are able to follow the ethics of the school. An entrance examination into secondary school will be conducted twice each session. Students who miss these dates will be rescheduled to a later date if spaces are available.

Pupils and students are admitted into the school only upon the fulfilment of the admission requirements

Children with special educational, emotional, or social needs and children with special physical handicaps or developmental disabilities will be considered on an individual basis. Prior to enrolment, parents should report special problems to the principal or head teacher and present the results of any previous developmental, educational or medical assessments. This is needed to help the school assess the individual pupil needs appropriately

Admission Procedure

A prospective parent is expected to click on the Apply Now button below to register and come to the school to continue the admission process. Previous school records and teachers recommendations will be requested prior to the admission of new pupils/students. Prior grades and achievement test scores will be taken into consideration before admission. Upon receipt of admission materials, an assessment of the prospective student will be done and a feedback will be sent to parents within a week as a provisional offer letter. Upon the receipt of the admission letter the pupil/student will be advised on the registration process. Please note that the school may request for an independent assessment from an approved Special Educational Needs (SEN) practitioner if we suspect any significant disability.

The Criteria for Admission

  1. Application form must be collected, completed and submitted before the entrance examination where applicable. Successful Pupils in all areas of assessment will be enrolled.
  2. The admission officer will request for the child’s birth certificates and immunization records
  3. Boarding facilities are available to primary pupils and secondary students only.